Heroes on a daily basis

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Mom, Dad, we thank you! We are now in the winter season where gifts fly around and money wrap around. Closer to the edge of a new year. Even on the edge and through it all, there are some things that don’t change or that shouldn’t change, the love and support of a parent. How much and how often do we think about what our parents do for us?

Your parents can be anyone, as long as they are there when you need them and they argue with you when they think you will make a mistake. Even if you are 99.99% sure that you are right, there is that 0.01 that stops and thinks about the things your parents say.  If you think about all the things that happened in one year, how much you lost and how much you gained there is an invisible line. Who was still there?

If you are lucky enough, you have the people who raised you and loved and caressed you. The ones who felt and feel your pain when you fall, who share your scars and bruises. Who kissed up injuries that felt like “the end of the world” to make it better. Who woke you up from nightmares and calmed you in the scariest moments. Who got your jackets, hats, scarfs when you were cold and you didn’t even know. These are small, yet so important facts that make a human being a hero, someone who cares about you and your problems.

Parents are heroes on a daily basis. They hide so much worries and thoughts about you because they don’t want to “annoy” you. How many times have you tried to stop them from giving them their advice and they still did and you were like “I know this already”. Many times probably but, what you “already know” is because of them. Because they dearly insisted on repeating that and the truth is that most of the information you have comes from them, with explanations (sometimes lots of them). You know from them what’s right and wrong, that you should take a winter jacket when it’s cold. And if you get lost in the translation of what you need, you might be lucky and they might be close or just a phone away from answering your needs. From colds to ingredients for foods, to tools you need to fix anything, to calls of complaints about how hard life is to the support you need in hard days. To moments in which you miss them and days in which you feel like you want a break of them.

My grandmother had a saying “It’s hard to be a parent, pour another glass”. And it’s true and we will find at the right time that it’s hard to be a parent. A parent is a daily hero, he/she rips a part of himself/herself to build us, to help us and also when it’s time for us to leave the nest, their heart kind of breaks a little. Their kid, their teary eyed flossy nose kid became a grown up. They live with the hope as heroes do, that they have done their best in helping and growing us. They have the hope that we will grow as great human beings and of course, marry soon and make a lot of grandchildren for them.

Now think about the whole year and think about what any other person has done for you and be grateful. And if you have parents who support, love and encourage you and also give you pieces of advice, it means your year has been a pretty good one. Enjoy the time spent with your parents and acknowledge their heroic acts since the moment you were born (countless nights with no sleeping, feverish days, homework and exams, prays and love and so much more that are applied in every case).   Of course, all of this might sound like philosophy, but it’s also reality. Love your daily heroes, love your loving parents. They are indeed extraordinary.

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