The dental technician with a passion for cinematography

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A van, a projector, movies and love for cinematography, that’s what a young man needs to put a smile on the faces of the people living in rural areas. It’s the story of Alexandru Tudor, a young man who wanders in villages from Roamnia with his mobile cinema to project comedies, documentaries or cartoons and shows people the magical world of movies in church or school yards.

Alexandru has a passion for cinematography and is by profession dental technician. One year ago, he was like other young people: employed end very engaged in voluntary activities.  However, he was always dissatisfied with his life

“I wasn’t happy at all because besides the financial satisfaction, I was working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I felt limited. I could not meet new people, I did not have the freedom to do whatever I liked. So I said I want to do something that makes me happy, even if I will have less money. “

And so he did. He got 4.000 lei from a crowdfunding campaign and started the project Cinemobilul. The idea of the project came up at the opening of TIFF festival in 2014.

“I felt that emotion of the beginning of the festival and I had a vision: how it will be to go with my van exactly the way I do now. I visited villages and I met people from disadvantaged mediums and I felt attached to them.”

He invested the 4.000 lei and turned his van into a mobile cinema so as to share the wonderful world of cinematography with the disadvantaged. He felt that the rural communities needed activities to provide people an escape from everyday routine, so the project was created especially for this category.

“They need pure information, not the one that is easily understood, but a more profound one. I like educational movies, so I show documentaries. There are lots of cultural projects needed in order to bring something new in people’s lives.”

He wandered with his van in lots of villages all around the country and had a single goal: to invite people to watch a movie for free. He knocked at mayors’ or priests’ doors to ask for their support in his project. He began collecting some old movies and shared them with the others.

 “The movies I show are from two categories: they make you laugh or think. They are comedies or documentaries. I do not show them dramas because life is full of dramas. I show sometimes cartoons dubbed in Romanian for children for example Aladin or Robin Hood which are educational cartoons.”

This is surely the activity he loves doing. His biggest satisfaction is to see joy and enthusiasm in people’s eyes. He remembers one of the most beautiful experiences he had during his adventure in a village in Iași county.

“The most beautiful experience I had was in Sticlaria village. I went to church and told some children that the next night, we will watch a movie in the church yard. I went the next day to let people know about the film and I was thrilled to see the kids who went from house to house to invite other children to the movie. 60 children and 30 adults gathered. It was definitely an unexpected moment which took me by surprise.”

The quiet and authentic atmosphere of rural areas and the interaction with warm people makes Alexandru continue with the project and delight even more people with his cinema van.

“In the past there was a cinema caravan. All the people who were over 50 remembered it when they saw me with the van. For lots of them, that was the last time they saw movies on a big screen.  My plan is to go further with the project and extend it to more villages and keep a connection with them. This motivates me to be more and more engaged in the rural life because I love those people.

So far, Alexandru has organized 40 projections from which 25 were in villages in Cluj or in different areas of the country.

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